[UAS] youdesign

Have you ever played The Sims? Have you ever dreamed a beautiful house? Have you ever wanted stuffs so badly but you couldn’t have it because it seems impossible? Those virtual sophisticated houses will right away come into reality! youdesign is one stop online shopping for your house. It offers you a simple way to design your space as simple as a click. Here are the steps to use youdesign; First you need to log in to youdesign, and put your clear address where the space will be designed and decorated. Google earth will detect the space. Giving the exact measurement of the space is necessary. Secondly which is the best part is designing your space. You can place any kind of furniture or products from our tenants such as Ikea, Ace Hardware, Index, Shabby Chic, designer collections, and many more. There will be detailed information about the products (choice of colors, size, price, etc). You can also have the wall covered with wallpapers or try any paint colors. When you are satisfied with the design, just simply click the “save” button. Automatically the bills will appear on the screen, click “proceed” button if you are ready to make it real. In maximum of 3 weeks, the products will arrive at your home. The delivery man will put everything in a place just like you designed.

Here is the business model of “youdesign”, click it!

So, are you ready to create your own sophisticated house? :)


Putri Maria Nashwah


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