Ridwan Kamil said…

Last month I attended a class held by #AkademiBerbagi at Comlabs ITB. The lecturer was a great architect from ITB, Ridwan Kamil. He shared some knowledges about how to create creative business. In global crisis, big corporations are falling apart. That’s why as the young generation, we have to start creating new and creative businesses. The era of small innovative enterprises is now emerging!

First of all, creative business needs 3T (Talent, Tolerant, and Technology). We are the Talent who do the business. Tolerant people who are open-minded. And Technology to support the business itself. He told us about “Being Creative Entrepreneur”:

1. Innovative – thinking and innovating outside the box

2. Risk Taker – life wouldn’t go any further if you go nowhere

3. Visionary – set your achievable goals, prepare the strategies

4. Strong Leadership – be a good example, motivate others

5. Problem Solver – Know exactly how to get there

6. Agent of Change – in developing world

How to start?

1. Observe. Traveling, explore the world, read, live curious! “Imagination is the soul of creativity”

2. Select. Choose your own type of creative business (services or products) you can be creative by making a brand new products or simply add more values to what has existed before

3. Think different. Try to find a new perspective out of habit, create stories in your products/business

100% authentic HAND-PICKED from the fertile streets of NY

4. Make a Plan. Do think about what you’re going to do, and how to get there

5. Scalability. Countable business is what we’re talking about

6. Design & Technology. Design excellence = better economic prospect

7. Networking. The more friends you have, the more opportunities you’ll get

8. Innovative Marketing. Know your target market and find the best and innovative way to approach them

See? There is no “difference” between Bandung and Silicon Valley, right? It is not impossible for us to give a substantial contribution for this country by exploring our creativity. If all young generations are taking action, we can make a change. Be creative, make your business, and believe me you’re gonna rule the world. Because the future belongs to creative entrepreneurs!


Putri Maria Nashwah


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