Just another fairy tale

A long time ago, there lived a man who was madly in love with a young woman. Until finally he asked permission to the young woman’s parents to marry their daughter. He wasn’t a frog who turned into a prince charming, he wasn’t a beast who was longing for a princess to broke the curse either. The girl was neither a maid who turned into a beautiful princess, nor a girl who falls into a deep sleep after prick herself with a spindle. They were just an ordinary couple.

The wedding day

After one year passed their wedding, they had a baby girl. It was a blissful moment for them to finally have a child. She was born in August 8, 1991. They gave her a wishful name: Putri Maria Nashwah.

“Putri” means a princess or a girl

“Maria” means a saintly woman. Adapted from Maryam, the mother of Prophet Isa

“Nashwah” means a pleasing one, they hoped she could make everyone happy

The baby girl

Raised with the unconditional love of her parents, she is now very grateful to have parents like them and is trying to become a daughter they had hoped and wished.


Putri Maria Nashwah


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