Konnichiwa! I’m gonna share you a little bit about my winter holiday last year in Japan. I went there with my sister and my friends. My first holiday ever without my parents! After arrived at Narita airport, we took Shinkansen to Tokyo. Shinkansen is known as a bullet train, a high speed train in Japan. Just like the Japanese people, the train is always very punctual, it won’t wait for you if you’re late. It is said that Japan was one of the pioneers in high speed railways around the world. This mode of transport brings you efficiency, speed, and comfort at the same time. Sounds innovative, huh? Our main destinations were theme parks! I went to Disneyland, Disneysea, Universal Studio, and Fuji-Q Highland. Extreme rides and breathtaking views were the best experiences for me. Unlike Disneyland and Universal Studios that we can see all over the world, Fuji-Q is one of a kind. It is located near the base of Mount Fuji and has a wide variety of extreme roller coaster rides. It also has The Haunted Hospital, one of the best haunted attractions in the world. They dare to be different by providing a unique theme park as Fuji-Q : ) We walked a thousand miles (oops, not that much I guess) and took a train almost everyday. Tired? Not really, the excitement heals my feet. Thirsty? Don’t worry, be happy, there were lots of vending machines where you can buy hot or cold drinks. These machines are very helpful. Here is my favorite drink from it: pancake flavored drink!

pancake flavored drink!

A lot of things in Japan are automatic, which means the technology here are growing so fast. Japanese people are creative. A number of electronic brands and cars came from Japan. You can also see the youths express themselves in the way they look. Meet their impressive styles in Harajuku street.

For me, Japan is the most creative and innovative country.


Putri Maria Nashwah


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