Budi Rahardjo said…

Here is my another writing about the lesson learned I got from an inspiring man. Budi Rahardjo. He was a humble and hilarious guest lecturer in that morning. He is the owner of Digital Beat store at Paris Van Java, one of the founder of WWW (World Wide Web), the person behind .co.id, the number one blogger in Indonesia, and also a lecturer at Institut Teknologi Bandung. Super cool.

At the beginning of the lecture he talked about the three types of globalization. Globalization 1.0 is the era of nationality became very important to have a better life. Globalization 2.0 is the era where everyone is competing to get a job at multinational companies. The last is Globalization 3.0, the era where the most important thing is you. The key success of your life is you. We have to develop ourselves to have a better living.

Everything has changed since the digital era comes to our life. Digital system brings everything to be simple, and cheap as well. Anyway, do you still remember the time where we listen to a music through a cassette and lp? The analog records actually have a way better quality rather than the digital one, moreover they have the art value in it.

Talking about business, there is always ups and downs. He told us not to give up in every situation. We just have to try, and be brave in starting a business. Once his venture capitalist told him that If the business is not working, they will lost their money but they could figure out ways to have it back, meanwhile for the business owner, they couldn’t have time back. So don’t waste your time, give the best in everything you do.

Creativity, another main point from the lecture, comes from everywhere and anytime. When an idea crossed your mind, don’t let it fly, try to generate the idea, at least write it down. Just like him, he writes a blog everyday.

At last he told us to mingle with everyone, broaden your network to have crazy ideas in result! It was a very clever and inspiring lecture. Thank you Mr.Budi Rahardjo.


Putri Maria Nashwah


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